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The MCR Group continues to build its construction team with hard working, passionate individuals. See our team below for a few of the people who make your project happen.


Tim Woodard.jpg
Tim Woodard
CEO & Cofounder of The MCR Group

Tim Woodard is a third-generation contractor with roots going back to working in the cabinet shop with his grandfather in south Mississippi. While working with his dad as a teen, he learned every skill from forming a foundation to putting on the gutters, gaining expertise in each area. He worked in the Washington, D.C. vicinity for 5 years before returning to Mississippi where he started his own company. Tim and his family moved to Nashville in 1999 and not too long after that, he met his future business partner, Richard Jones. They became close friends, and started The MCR Group. In 2013, after the passing of his dear friend, Tim’s desire to leave a legacy for Richard became paramount.
Tim loves traveling with his wife, Janie & their family. His favorite hobbies include gardening and spoiling his grandchildren. He and Janie enjoy their small group and church gatherings. He also hopes to take up golf again soon!

Jared Woodard
Vice President/Project Manager

Jared Woodard is a fourth generation contractor, and is no stranger to a job site. Having grown up around residential and commercial sectors of construction, his career began in 1999. Jared has a knack for detail, and is creative in working out the kinks to get the job finished right. His interests include drone photography, carpentry, and technology. Jared shifted his focus to commercial construction in 2012, and has continued to develop that side of MCR to this day.

Jared is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He and his wife, Cortni, stay busy with their 3 children who are involved with theatre, dance, soccer, church activities, and enjoying their dog, “Tucker”.

Jared Woodard.jpg
Greg Davis.JPG
Greg Davis
Historical Senior Project Manager

After moving to Nashville in 1988 from Texas, Greg began playing banjo for many artists and venues in town including “The General Jackson” which is where he first met Tim, (ironically years before Tim even moved to Nashville.) Greg began working in the construction industry in 1996. He joined the MCR family in 2004, not only shifting his focus to The MCR Group, but giving MCR the advantage of his expertise in the historical restoration division. He has a great eye for detail, and is invaluable when restoring a historical building.

He and his wife Valerie live in East Nashville. They love to travel and are very involved in the music program of their church and continue singing and playing at many events.

Hope Whelan
Project Manager & Designer

Hope started in construction in 2005, growing in knowledge from the office to field experience. It was there she found a passion to manage projects from planning to completion. She became interested in design, as she loves learning how to solve the problems and surprises in the process of construction. Her focus is building a relationship of trust and open communication with her clients, and keeping them informed and educated during the entire process.

Hope is happily married to the love of her life, Mike. They workout and play golf together. She loves living each moment with him and their 5 sons.

Janie Woodard.JPG
Janie Woodard
CEO Assistant & Office Manager

Janie Woodard, wife of Tim, joined The MCR Group in 2013. Learning the ropes from running her own salon business, she decided to sell and come to work with her husband. She is an organizer, problem solver and at job auditing, catches things that might fall through the gaps.

Janie & Tim married in 1976. She is deeply devoted to Christ, Tim and her family. Like Tim, she also enjoys travel and spending lots of time with their 3 children, their spouses and her grandchildren. She also loves teaching the children at church. She really enjoys her women’s groups. She likes fishing, crafting, sewing, crochet and painting.

Stacey Holmes

Stacey Holmes is a Nashville native who joined this company in 2018. She enjoys organizing the books and coordinating human resources issues. Having run her own business before, she not only has wisdom and experience, but is very much an entrepreneur at heart. She uses that entrepreneurial spirit by creatively coming up with ways to promote growth and helping with creatively and intentionally making MCR, and its projects more efficient.
Happily married to Harlan since 1988 with 2 wonderful sons, Stacey’s hobbies include going to the beach, playing computer and video games, and Titans football!

Stacey Holmes.jpg
David Whelan.jpg
Vickie Jones

Vickie Jones was born in Franklin and has lived there most of her life. She has been a part of this company since it’s beginning. She is the widow of our beloved Richard Jones, cofounder of The MCR Group. With a background in accounting, she has worked at Williamson County Ready Mix, Williamson County Government, but says her favorite jobs were working for Titan Plastering, (Richard’s company) and The MCR Group. She has been crucial to the development of this company, our bookkeeping department, but most of all our family. We are so glad she chooses to remain a cherished part of The MCR Group.Vickie greatly enjoys time with her 2 children, their spouses and precious grandchildren. She enjoys playing Pickle Ball, reading and yardwork. She also loves her church and her beach trips.

Vickie Jones.JPG
Megan Federico.jpeg
David Whelan

Born and raised in Tennessee, David has been around the construction industry since 2016. After joining MCR in 2020, he helped develop the Materials Expeditor position before shifting into his current role as our Estimator. David also has something in common with many of our "work family", and that is music. We hear he enjoys playing guitar and piano.

Vickie Jones.JPG
David Whelan.jpg
David Whelan.jpg
Duane Dowell

Well first of all they say if Duane can’t do it, It can’t be done! We at The MCR Group have found that to be true. When you ask him how long he has worked in this industry, he would say since before he was even born. Duane truly is a hard working man. He puts his all into his work, and has many talents in the vast span of construction. He has worked at The MCR Group since 2014, and has been willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done. Duane has lived in the Nashville area since junior high. He finds riding cross-country on a Harley Davison very exhilarating. He likes to write songs, but his main hobby is to fall asleep in his chair in front of the TV, especially after a hard day’s work (which is surely often).

Megan Federico.jpeg
Duane Dowell.jpg
Duane Dowell.jpg
Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant is married with 3 children and has lived in Nashville his entire life. He began working in construction in 2005 for a home remodeling company. He has been a wonderful addition to The MCR Group since 2019. Jonathan takes his superintendent position seriously, seeing to the details that must be done. He has the gift of getting things done, which makes him such a great asset for MCR.Jonathan and his wife Tracey are involved in Karate and traveling to tournaments as a family. They also are children's pastors and enjoy traveling to Haiti for mission trips.

David Whelan.jpg
Jonathan Grant.jpg
Jonathan Grant.jpg
Adam Foye

Adam Foye lives in Nashville with his partner, Megan and their Miniature Schnauzers, Gus & Jack. He has been a Nashville resident since moving here from Minnesota in 2012.In 2017, he began working in custom residential home construction, and has experience in many different trades. He enjoys equipment operating, framing, and finish work such as decorative tile and trim. Adam only joined MCR in March of 2020, and has already become a great asset to the company! Adam is an avid bowler and car enthusiast. His interests also include videography and mobile/computer technology.

Duane Dowell.jpg
Adam Foye.jpg
Bo Price
Josiah Meadows
Materials Expeditor
Richard Jones 1950-2013
Cofounder of The MCR Group

In loving memory of our friend, Richard Jones, we would love to tell you a little more about him. Richard was born and raised in Burwood, Tennessee, where he and his wife Vickie raised their children, David and Amy.
Graduating from High School in 1968, Richard followed his 2 older brothers in construction as apprentice in the plaster trade. Working in Nashville, one of the artistic molding works Richard accomplished was at historical Cheekwood. He was one of the first in the area to learn of the EIFS systems, and later on, started Titan Plastering.
Richard enjoyed golf, coaching youth baseball and was, of course, a huge fan of the Tennessee Titans. He also loved his church and participated in many ways. He was involved in mission trips and teaching Sunday School.
We will never forget Richard Jones and his great part in this company. His legacy lives on as we are forever in his debt. We will leave this as the last word of advice he gave to Tim, “Pray without ceasing!”

Richard Jones.jpg
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